97 Reiki Tips 1.1

97 Reiki Tips 1.1



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Reiki master of twelve years, Rochelle Vincente Von K, wrote this app to assist in your reiki exploration. If you are attuned to reiki, or a reiki practitioner, or if you want to understand more on how reiki works, then this app will educate you in a fun and inspiring way.

Why Rochelle wrote this app

Reiki energy is universal life force. The difference between systems of reiki is really the tools we have and how we channel this energy. Her inspiration behind this reiki app is to clarify what the system of Japanese reiki really is, and to share with you some of the profound wisdoms of Usui as he intended, which has been missed from many Western lineages.

Spinning the wheel

There are 97 tips, hints and ideas for you to enhance your reiki with. Each one is on a card, that sits in a wheel. Spin the wheel, select the card that it stops on and read the card. Flip the card over for an in-depth meaning and guide. This app is a very handy way to quickly recall how to use reiki in every situation. Just keep it in your pocket and if you ever get the feeling you want to use your reiki, spin the wheel and see what wisdom it brings to you. Within the wheel, Rochelle explains the whole Japanese reiki system. She will guide you through the techniques and meditations of level 1 and touch on level 2.

Find out all the information on reiki, such as how it works, and how it mixes science with esoteric wisdom.
Discover all you need to know about level 1.
Learn practical techniques, breathing techniques, mantras and meditations as taught by Usui.
Though the information is based on level 1 practises, it touches on level 2 and is ideal to anyone wanting to know more about the foundation of Japanese reiki and what was really taught by Usui, Hayashi and Takata. This makes it useful for reiki masters from all the different lineages.
Get clear on the hand techniques and how to read your hands.
Experiment with the fun little games and exercises to help you build intent and intuition, so you can live more in tune with the flow of life.
Follow the tips for working with reiki on humans, plants, animals, food and liquids.
Enjoy the inspirational and insightful quotes and beautiful poems from the masters. This information is not usually taught to students on a typical level 1 course, but this is different because it's based on Usui's handbooks and Takata's diary.
Find out how to cleanse and enhance objects.
Fully understand the hara system.
Explore the ancient healing art of reiki. You can gain a deeper understanding of all that is reiki, and live through it.

About reiki

Reiki's frequency is individually tailored to ones™ needs and condition. It's effective for wellness, relaxation, creativity, insomnia, headaches, grief, tinnitus, back pain and physical injury, high blood pressure, sciatica, constipation, candida, lymphatic blockage, reproductive problems, cuts/burns, skin disorders, flu, strokes, epilepsy, anxiety, strengthening of the nervous system and immunity, removal of negative imprints on a cellular level and beyond, diabetes, stress, digestive disorders, depression, addictions, self empowerment, pre/post natal, oxygen therapy, electromagnetic balancing and protection.

Reiki compliments and enhances all other healing modalities ... amongst many other things!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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